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Steelband Steelworks from Middlesbrough - United Kingdom

Steelworks was founded in 2002. The Steelband has more than 30 members of children from 9 years to young adults from 13 years of age and adults. They play all sorts of music and perform throughout England.

"The Steelmasters" steel band from Afferden, the Netherlands.

Steelband music originated around the Caribbean in the Caribbean, Trinidad, and started as music for the poor. The story is discovered by chance that by bouncing different "bumps" into an oil tank, other tones were created. Because of the poor population, oil tanks left by the Americans were made the first steel panes (pans). Supported by all kinds of self-made rhythmic instruments, they were used at their Calypso parties.
The Steelmasters. The name steelband immediately calls on the sunny beaches of the Caribbean area. One expects people from this region to be behind the instruments (pans) and often it is amazed to see that they are "macambas" (whites) from Maas & Waal. Founded: 1966. By Gerard van Elk, who was stationed at the Royal Navy on Curaçao in the sixties, was seized by the sound and rhythm of the steel band music. There he learned to play and make oil sticks from the so-called steelpans. Back in Holland, he made a completely new tool on the then cruiser "Sir Ms. The Seven Provinces" and formed the third steel band in naval history. The name Steelmasters was born there, and some of the instruments that are then made are still used by the Afferdense Steelmasters. In 1966 he left the Royal Navy and not long after, Afferden started the current steel band. The musicians of The Steelmasters, the longest playing steel band of the Netherlands, have been infected with the steelband virus for many years, some over 40 years. Specialties: 2016 was a jubilee year, 50 years steelband. The entire instrumentation was made by leader Gerard van Elk himself. The large percussion instruments (conga's) are hand made by tree trunks, by percussionist Cris v.d Heuvel.

Their music: The Steelmasters bring the authentic sound of the steel band, without the addition of other instruments. The sound, "invaderstyle", is still original by the materials used, oil vessels, and the way of editing. The repertoire consists of a mix of Caribbean rhythms such as; Merengue, calypso, guaracha, mambo, salsa etc instrumental and vocal. Their previously released LP. "Si Me Vas Quierer" was followed on April 29, 2012 with the self-produced CD "El Sonido del Acero" They enter into happiness and success throughout the country. Musical highlights included performances in Poland.

Steelband Soca On Steel from Switzerland

The band Soca On Steel (SOS) is a small steel band from Zurich, Switzerland. The Steelband was founded in 2011 by a few Swiss Steelpan players who had previously played in different bands and projects. SOS is famous for traditional soca music, as well as pop songs and reggae. Teacher of SOS is Junior Edwards from Trinidad & Tobago, who has played for the last 8 years at the Panorama Competition in Trinidad and Tobago with Phase 2 Pan Groove. He is also the arranger and drummer of SOS. Junior has lived in Switzerland for 20 years and also teaches some other stealing bands in Switzerland. Here at the Dutch International Steel Band Festival, SOS plays with Ursi Stadelmann (Tenor), Anita Petri (Double Seconds), Marianne Trüb (4 Bass), Marie Christine Coban (Small Percussion) and Junior Edwards (Drums, Percussion), along with a number of Guest percussion players.

Tropical Steelpans from Callantsoog, the Netherlands

Steelband Tropical Steelpans from Callantsoog celebrated their 5th anniversary three years ago. Although the beginning of the band is in 2002, they have been a traditional steel band since 2007. In those years they performed at home and abroad, including Dam to Dam, Amsterdam Marathon, the Nijmegen Four Days and many festivals and festivals. For example, they have been to Dortmund twice to act at the Caribbean night. Enjoy during this performance of various pieces of music, ranging from Trinidad Soca, to a Fragile in a Samba and Guus Meeuwis in a Calypso.

Steelband Tavenu from De Kwakel, The Netherlands

The steel band consists of a collection of tuned oil vessels supplemented with percussion. The music sounds like the country where this music style comes from, Trinidad, sunny and cheerful. Especially in the summer the steel belt is widely asked to act throughout the country. With the podiumwagen may also be joined to, eg. Corso?. The steel band repeats on Wednesday evening.

Steelband PANMAGIC from Grootegast, The Netherlands

The largest steel band from the north of the Netherlands is called PANMAGIC, comes from Grootegast and consists of 25 members, ranging from 10 to 50 years. PANMAGIC was founded by Paula June James in 2007 and celebrated her first lustrum three years ago. Weekly rehearsals are conducted in Lettelbert (near Leek) and, if necessary, members receive private lessons from the Leader of the Band, Paula June James. She has followed her curriculum in New York and has lived in The Netherlands for 20 years. PANMAGIC takes place throughout the country and was asked two years ago to participate in the annual recurring carnival festival in London - Notting Hill.

Bijlmer Steelband from Amsterdam, The Netherlands

The Bijlmer Steelband Kids had long been the Netherlands's latest steelpan orchestra. Meanwhile, young people and young adults have become and continue under the name Bijlmer Steelband.

The Bijlmer Steelband Kids were finalists at the Amsterdam Music School Prize in 2004 and 2005. The Kids participated in 2010 at the Princess Christina Concours for Classical Music, receiving a honorable mention, and also the youngest group and the first participating group from the Bijlmer. They were also the first steelpan players who ever participated in the competition. During the first Dutch stallband competition in Almere in 2010, they ended up third, they were the only Dutch participant, the other groups were English.
During the celebration of the 50-year Statute of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in 2004, the Kids played in the Ridderzaal. In addition, they performed during 3 liberation festivals and many other festivals and events throughout the Netherlands, such as the Mundial Festival in Tilburg, Music Meeting in Nijmegen, Amsterdam Roots, Keti Koti and Dunya. In 2007, she played 60 years of World Broadcasting in the Concertgebouw, among others, for Princess Maxima. They performed twice in the Rijksmuseum: in August 2012 in the tunnel under the Rijksmuseum during the promotion of the new logo and November 2013 at the entrance of the honorary gallery in the Rijksmuseum during the award of the IJ Prize to Pijbes director. In 2015, the group participated in the International Steelband Festival in Utrecht and threw high eyes.

teelband Panissimo from Switzerland:

Steelband Pannissimo was founded in 1993 and has 10 members. In addition to performances in Switzerland, Pannissimo has performed in Hungary, Austria, France and Italy. They play mainly Calypso, Reggae, Latin, Pop and Evergreens.

Dutch Police Steelband

After the Dutch Police Steelband and the Dutch Police Orchestra were struck by a blazing fire on January 4, 2012, with the entire major instruments including the trailers of both orchestras lost, the two orchestras are now fully operational with completely new instruments and New transport. Since 1 May 2012 the Dutch Police Steelband has become part of the Dutch Police Orchestra. The independent association "Nederlandse Politie Steelband" is hereby removed and the steel band is housed at the Dutch Police Orchestra Foundation. The steel band's artistic director is Charles van Zanten, who has taken over from Felix Walroud since 2011. For the reorganization of the Dutch Police in 1993, the steel belt was part of the then Rijkspolitiekapel.

Dutch Navy Steelband

The SteelBand of the Marines Corps was founded in 1969 in Aruba. In 2019, this ensemble thus consists of 50 years. The then Commander of the Marines Kazerne Savaneta was handed over the steel band set by the people of Aruba. Soon, the Tamboers and Pipes of the Corps of Marines were found to play these instruments. The steel band plays around 30 times a year at home and abroad, with the carnival parade on Aruba as a high point. Their repertoire consists of traditional songs, modern and they will also hear their carnival program from Aruba tonight.
The steel band is under the musical leadership of Sergeant Sander Bergman.

Calypsonic Steel Orchestra from Dortmund - Germany

The Calypsonic Steel Orchestra is a youth band from Dortmund, Germany. They mainly play Calypso, Soca and Reggae music, Caribbean party festivals, but they also play their own songs. From classical or pop to rock music.

The CSO has won several important prizes of German music competitions, for example a 1st prize in 'Deutscher Orchestre' Wettbewerb ". In 2012, four members joined the British steel band "Real Steel" and won the United Kingdom 2012 panorama.

Endurance Steelband from London, United Kingdom

Endurance Steel Orchestra is a steel band of a community organization in South East London. It gives people the opportunity to express and develop their musical talent. Now in the seventh year of existence, it continues to build a strong repertoire to entertain audiences at various events.

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